About Me

I have been an Oracle DBA for 14 years now, starting at Version 7 and trying to play catch up with minimal formal training ever since.

I have the good fortune to enjoy reading manuals and I have them on the breakfast table, prints stuffed into laptop bags and just in case I get bored on the tube, installed on my phone too!

When I have spent a couple of days working out exactly what that manual actually meant and I can't find a decent explanation of it anywhere else I am starting to think I should put it out myself.  This is my attempt.  Feel free to correct me as I don't want confusing or even worse inaccurate stuff here, there's plenty of that out there already!

So, I'm @Kelloggs_ville.  Fortysomething mum of 1, 2 marriages (in succession not at the same time), 2 cats, numerous missing and dead hamsters, a full time IT professional, a very traditional husband (HeWhoMustBeObeyed) and a volunteer leader for GirlGuidingUK.  If you are interested in my life outside of technology you will find me at www.aguidinglife.co.uk 


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