About Me

I have been a DBA for 19 years now, starting at Oracle version 7 and trying to play catch up with minimal formal training ever since.  Over the past couple of years, like all other DBAs, I've had to branch out and also 'do' MySQL, Redis, MongoDB, PostgreSQL and NuoDB. 

I know we don't have favourite children but you know the one that is more easily lovable...well that's Oracle!

I have the good fortune to enjoy reading manuals and I have them on the breakfast table, prints stuffed into laptop bags and just in case I get bored on the tube, installed on my phone too!

When I have spent a couple of days working out exactly what that manual actually meant and I can't find a decent explanation of it anywhere else I am starting to think I should put it out myself.  This is my attempt.  Feel free to correct me as I don't want confusing or even worse inaccurate stuff here, there's plenty of that out there already!

I'm currently @DBArunning on twitter if you want to find me.


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