My Oracle Support Display Difficulties

>> Saturday, 16 April 2011

I often have trouble with My Oracle Support, I still miss Metalink, it is so Flash heavy it takes a long time to load.  I lose scroll bars when working on my laptop, and I seem unable to adjust window sizes to see a readable amount of text in different parts of the SR.

Doc ID 747242.5 tells you more about My Support FAQs such as browser requirements but what they fail to mention anywhere is that you must have resolution settings of 1024x768 minimum.

step 1- Click on the large start button on your mail tool bar
Step 2- Click on settings Icon
Step 3- Click on the control panel icon
Step 4- Click on display Icon
This will bring up a window
Step 5- Click on the setting tab
Step 6- Change the resolution settings to 1024x768.
Step 7 - Click apply 

This will solve your scroll bar woes!

The version of Adobe Flash Player you are using matters.
To find out what version you are running you can go to
Oracle's Support requirements for Flash are here

This document details another site you can use, a flash free version:

It's lovely for a Metalink Luddite such as myself.  It supports the useful things like:

  • SR management, including the ability to create and update SRs, attachments, and configuration association
  • Browsing and searching the knowledge base
  • Patch search and download
  • My Oracle Support Communities
  • Certifications and Product Roadmap
  • Favorites
  • User administration
  • Hot Topics
  • Bug summary
  • SR management reports
It doesn't support:
  • Systems
  • Projects
  • Healthchecks
  • Patch Advice and Recommendations
  • Inventory Reporting
  • On Demand Portal Functionality
  • CRM On Demand Service Requests and Knowledge
But if you are like me and tend not to use OCM, but rely on the manual SR and patch method then it can make life a little easier when Flash is an issue.


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